Sliced Mango Collective is organizing in response to the J+S Architect’s rezoning application at 5163-5187 Joyce Street. We are concerned that there has been insufficient community consultation regarding this rezoning proposal. We do not believe this proposal hears or reflects the goals and priorities of the Joyce-Collingwood neighbourhood, the Filipino community, and the Chinese community affected by this development. This proposal will result in a loss of cultural food assets, displacement of racialized communities, and gentrification of important community spaces.


Food is a gateway to culture. In Filipino and Chinese immigrant populations, particularly, high familial values are reflected directly in the food we prepare and share (e.g. “lutong pambahay,” dim sum). Family dinners are more than just a gathering of extended family members—they are oftentimes a gathering of the wider community. The loss of these food establishments on Joyce St. means the loss of our ability to have these spaces to gather and connect to our cultures.


🥭 Use our #SliceofSupport TOOLKIT to send an email to city staff, mayor & council, and citizen advisory committees. → This is CRUCIAL step! THE COMMUNITY MUST BE HEARD!

🥭 Comment and Ask a Question on the Shape Your City site. To translate (e.g. into Tagalog, Mandarin, Cantonese), find the button in the top right corner of the page.

🥭 Get a meal at one of the restaurants!!!

🥭 Once you’ve taken an action, use the hashtag #SliceofSupport on Instagram or Facebook and tag @slicedmangoco , @pampangascuisineca , and @platofilipino.

🥭 And finally… SHARE SHARE SHARE! We need a lot of traction on this since we have less than a month to get the city to revaluate this plan. Get your titos, titas, lolos, lolas, kuyas, and ates! We need our bayanihan!!!

Stay tuned for more events and initiatives related to the #SliceOfSupport campaign here on our website as well as on our Instagram and Facebook pages!