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  1. “Is the Filipino language even as gender-neutral as we think it is?” an article by Marrian Pio Roda Ching.


  1. “Why Do We Do Land Acknowledgments?” an article by Elysse Cloma.
  2. “Pulling Together: Foundations Guide,” Colonization, written by Kory Wilson.
  3. Whose Land and Native Land, website apps to identify Indigenous Nations, territories, and Indigenous communities across Canada.


  1. Black Lives Matter – Canada and USA
  2. #magandangmorenx (lit. ‘beautiful brown skin’), a movement against colourism by Asia Jackson.
  3. “Addressing Colorism within Filipino Culture | Rice Bowl Conversations,” a video by Kollective Hustle.
  4. “Are we finally ready to talk about colourism?” an article by Yomi Adegoke.
  5. “The characteristics of white supremacy culture,” written by Showing Up for Racial Justice.
  6. “White Dominant Culture & Something Different,” a worksheet from Cuyahoga Arts & Culture.

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