Intersectional feminism recognizes that there is no universal experience. You might identify as a woman, as Filipinx, as bisexual, and as able bodied (to name a few). These are the intersections of your identity. Think of the different axes of your identity as roads that converge at an intersection. We don’t all meet at the same intersection of identity and therefore will have different perspectives and beliefs about the world. Everyone is an expert in their own life, and everyone’s lived experience has value. 


Our defence of the LGBTQ+ community and rights is closely tied to (de)colonialism in the Filipinx community.

The majority of people in the Philippines and Filipinx identifying people abroad are Catholic. The church is pro-life and is homophobic both in its teachings and practice. Sliced Mango Collective rejects the church’s condemnation of the LGBTQ+ community and promises that no one who is part of this team and/or part of the Filipinx community has to confront anti-LGBTQ+ sentiments in themself or in others alone. 


Sliced Mango Collective is committed to being accessible to all members of the Filipinx community in Vancouver and Canada as a whole.

We are currently operating online and are committed to making sure our content is accessible to those who are hard of hearing. In the future, when we move towards doing events in person, Sliced Mango Collective is committed to making sure any and all event spaces that are considered are accessible to folks that require mobility access.

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