Helena Escauriaga

Graphic Designer & Zine Coordinator (Visual)

Helena (she/her) is a 23 year old, first-generation immigrant Filipino settler in Canada and is currently studying animation in colonial Vancouver. Her parents are from Sorsogon City in Bicol, and she was born and raised in Vancouver, BC. Growing up, she had a moderately strong connection to her culture and heritage, but there were many aspects of it that she either shunned or took for granted. It was through the exploration of her own art-making process and self-reflection, that she realized she was still unsure of how to navigate her dual identities.

She started out exploring the pre-colonial history of the Philippines, and at the time, thought that she was unpacking her own colonization. However, as she started entering the discourse around Filipino culture, history, and diaspora, she realized that she needed to reflect and discuss her identities in a deeper, nuanced, and less appropriative way. She was interested in joining this collective for the purpose of having these meaningful learning experiences, and hopes to be able to learn and be proud of both her Filipino and Canadian identities, as well as help others in the community to have these discussions themselves!