Georgia Cato

Featured writer

Georgia was born and raised in colonial Vancouver, and grew up in an Ilocano household, with both her parents being from Sanchez Mira, Cagayan. Growing up, her family was her only bridge to learning about being Filipinx and while growing up in a predominately Asian community, Georgia still found that Filipinx spaces were hard to come by, aside from church.

Through self-reflection, Georgia realized learning about our differences, our similarities, the nuances, decolonization, intersectionality, anti-racism, etc, could not be done alone. SMC seemed like the perfect opportunity to not only learn more, but to learn about one another, and hopefully encourage others in the diaspora to embrace their identity and culture. Aside from being a Food Science student and podcast co-host, Georgia enjoys binge-watching TV shows and films, experimenting in the kitchen, and picking up random hobbies. Fun fact: Georgia and her brother both learned Tagalog by watching teleseryes on TFC (The Filipino Channel).