Black Lives Matter

Sliced Mango Collective’s mission to explore Filipinx-Canadian identity through anti-racism requires the denunciation of anti-Black racism within our community. We stand with Black Lives Matter to promote racial justice. 

Black Lives Matter began as a movement in 2013 following the acquittal of George Zimmerman for the murder of Trayvon Martin. Over the past seven years, Black Lives Matter has become a widespread social movement whose mission is to end police brutality, stop the spread of misinformation, and to advocate for the Black community in the United States and worldwide.


Sliced Mango Collective believes that tan and dark-skinned Filipinx should not be made to feel undesirable, unworthy, or invalid because they are not light-skinned.

Colourism is the “daughter of racism”. Where racism discriminates based on ethnicity and skin colour, colourism further divides members of BIPOC communities in its preferences of lighter skin tones. Racism and colourism are a product of white supremacy. In Filipinx culture, colourism is prevalent in every facet of life. Colourism is closely tied to anti-Black racism in our community. We see both in our media, in our professions, and in our personal lives. 

There is a belief in our culture which stems from colonialism and racism that being light-skinned or white means that one is more likely to be successful, rich, beautiful, and/or good. Due to this falsehood, skin whitening is a prevalent practice and multi-millions dollar industry in the Philippines and diaspora. The reality is that Filipinx individuals come in all shades and all of them are beautiful. 

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Intersectional Feminism