Meet our team members!


Claire Baguio

Claire (she/her) is a first-generation immigrant. Born in Manila, her family settled in Vancouver when she was just two years old. While she was born in Luzon, her family’s roots are in Cebu. She was lucky enough that growing up she went to visit her lola and lolo and spent weeks at a time in Cebu. Her family was the primary way she connected to her culture and was never really involved with any Filipinx groups growing up. This changed when she moved away for university. She realized how much she took for granted having her family to keep me in touch with her culture. When she joined FMSA (Filipino McMaster Student Association), she realized how important it was to have that sense of community and exploration of culture beyond just her family. Coming back to Vancouver, she desired to have that sense of community again.

Claire co-created Sliced Mango Collective for Fil-Can youth to explore culture and identity through art. Furthermore, she wanted to explore Fil-Can culture and identity through the lens of decolonization, anti-racism, and intersectional feminism. 


Kathleen Zaragosa

Kathleen (she/her) is a second-generation Filipina-Canadian settler, born and raised in what is colonially known as Vancouver. Between her family originally being from the same small town (Oas, Albay, Bicol represent!) and growing up in a predominantly Filipinx community, she’s always loved music and languages, attributing her start in learning her heritage languages to being taught Tagalog songs to sing at church events. Now finishing up her undergraduate degree centred around language, culture, and music at UBC, her major research project focused on how children of Filipinx-Canadian immigrants like her acquire and use Philippine languages as part of their heritage.

Sliced Mango Collective was born partly as a direct extension of this research, which found many people realizing, in hindsight, how much of a desire they had to further connect with their Filipinx culture—especially in their adolescence. In cultivating this space, she hopes to meet everyone wherever they are on their journey in self-identity and culture and get more engaged in community with other Fil-Can youth in and around Vancouver!

Event Planning Coordinator

Jocelle Refol

Jocelle (she/her) is a second-generation immigrant Filipina settler on the unceded traditional homelands of the Musqueam, Squamish, and Tsleil-Waututh nations. She community organizes with a project she co-founded called Shades of Sustainability and also enjoys facilitating! When she’s not caught up in organizing, she’s making content for her skincare page, reading a book, soaking up the sun (always wearing sunscreen), dancing in her room, or simply just, being.

She joined Sliced Mango Collective because growing up, she always felt like she was navigating two worlds by being second-generation. She never truly felt Filipina, but also did not feel Canadian. She hopes to share her own journey of reclaiming her identity to inspire others to do the same!

Zine Coordinator (Visual), Graphic Designer

Helena Escauriaga

Helena (she/her) is a 23 year old, first-generation immigrant Filipino settler in Canada and is currently studying animation in colonial Vancouver. Her parents are from Sorsogon City in Bicol, and she was born and raised in Vancouver, BC. Growing up, she had a moderately strong connection to her culture and heritage, but there were many aspects of it that she either shunned or took for granted. It was through the exploration of her own art-making process and self-reflection, that she realized she was still unsure of how to navigate her dual identities.

She started out exploring the pre-colonial history of the Philippines, and at the time, thought that she was unpacking her own colonization. However, as she started entering the discourse around Filipino culture, history, and diaspora, she realized that she needed to reflect and discuss her identities in a deeper, nuanced, and less appropriative way. She was interested in joining this collective for the purpose of having these meaningful learning experiences, and hopes to be able to learn and be proud of both her Filipino and Canadian identities, as well as help others in the community to have these discussions themselves!

Zine Coordinator (Editorial)

Kaitlin Watson

Kaitlin (she/her) is 22 and living in London, Ontario. She moved from Vancouver to go to Western University where she did her Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Women’s Studies and English Language and Literature. In September 2021, she hopes to move to the United Kingdom or Ireland to pursue her Master’s degree in Women’s Studies! Her mom was born in Parañaque City and moved to Vancouver with her family in the 1970’s. Her dad is of Italian and Scottish descent.

Kaitlin wanted to be a part of SMC because her Filipinx heritage has always taken a back seat to her paternal heritage. This was the perfect opportunity for her to learn about her roots through self reflection and community. She wants to be an example for other youth of mixed descent that there is no right or wrong time to get to know your culture, and that there is no shame in it!

Communications Coordinator

Jestinne Punzalan

Jestinne (she/her) is a Filipinx youth who is a settler on Kwantlen, Katzie, Semiahmoo, and Tsawwassen First Nations unceded lands. She is a Registered Social Worker and graduated with a Bachelor of Social Work degree from the University of Victoria. She is currently employed in the healthcare field. Outside of social work, Jestinne is also involved in many volunteer based projects. She is a co-creator of Shades of Sustainability, a community project that centers BIPOC communities in the environmental movement through storytelling and dialogue. She is a member of Sulong UBC’s education committee and help organize our educational sessions. She is also a member of this beautiful group, Sliced Mango Collective, as the communications coordinator!

Jestinne wanted to join Sliced Mango Collective because she wanted to be a part of a space where she can continue to explore my culture and community. As an immigrant youth who is a part of the Filipino diaspora, she found herself separated and uneducated about Filipino history and current political and social events occurring back home. She wanted to not only learn and re-learn her culture, but to also be a part of that change to create more spaces for other Filipino youth to learn and explore their community and culture.

External Outreach Coordinator

Danica Rint

As a second-generation immigrant, Danica (she/her) has always felt a disconnect between her heritage culture and the culture she grew up in; it was constantly an “either/or” situation when it came to displaying her Filipino or Canadian identity. It wasn’t until well into her time as a psychology student at UBC that she was able to use the resources she was exposed to in order to realize how multi-faceted her identity really is.

Danica joined Sliced Mango Collective because growing up in Vancouver made her realize the gaps in resources the Filipino-Canadian community here has, and she hopes to use her past experience with other non-profits to help find solutions to fill those gaps and strengthen our community’s ties.

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