Kathleen Zaragosa


Kathleen (she/her) is a second-generation Filipina-Canadian settler, born and raised in what is colonially known as Vancouver. Between her family originally being from the same small town (Oas, Albay, Bicol represent!) and growing up in a predominantly Filipinx community, she’s always loved music and languages, attributing her start in learning her heritage languages to being taught Tagalog songs to sing at church events. Now finishing up her undergraduate degree centred around language, culture, and music at UBC, her major research project focused on how children of Filipinx-Canadian immigrants like her acquire and use Philippine languages as part of their heritage.

Sliced Mango Collective was born partly as a direct extension of this research, which found many people realizing, in hindsight, how much of a desire they had to further connect with their Filipinx culture—especially in their adolescence. In cultivating this space, she hopes to meet everyone wherever they are on their journey in self-identity and culture and get more engaged in community with other Fil-Can youth in and around Vancouver!