Anne Claire Baguio


Claire (she/her) is a first-generation immigrant. Born in Manila, her family settled in Vancouver when she was just two years old. While she was born in Manila, her family’s roots are in Cebu. She was lucky enough that growing up she went to visit her lola and lolo and spent weeks at a time in Cebu. Her family was the primary way she connected to her culture and was never really involved with any Filipinx groups growing up. This changed when she moved away for university. She realized how much she took for granted having her family to keep me in touch with her culture. When she joined FMSA (Filipino McMaster Student Association), she realized how important it was to have that sense of community and exploration of culture beyond just her family. Coming back to Vancouver, she desired to have that sense of community again.

Claire co-created Sliced Mango Collective for Fil-Can youth to explore culture and identity through art. Furthermore, she wanted to explore Fil-Can culture and identity through the lens of decolonization, anti-racism, and intersectional feminism.